Monday, May 5, 2008

Tim Gunn's Guide to Polygamist Style

Yes, yes, I haven't posted in... oh... 2 weeks.  I've been busy.  Its "fireworks season" out on the Rez and I pretty much run from meeting to meeting all day.

I have, however, managed to keep up on the whole Polygamy/FLDS/YFZ Ranch story, which I am fascinated with.  Growing up Mormon, there were many trips to Utah to visit family.  Occasionally you would go to the grocery store and see "Polygs."  They're kind of like an urban myth with Mormons.

Anyhoo, someone forwarded me this today and I loved it.   For those of you who are not so technologically inclined, click on the word "this" in the previous sentence and it will magically transport you to the link.