Monday, December 22, 2008


We have a new addition to the Car Farm: a Roomba.  


Yes, it is a member of the family.  I love it.  I can't figure out why I ever bought a vacuum.  I can turn it on, go upstairs and study, and an hour later the kitchen is furball free!  Amazing.  I've been able to "vacuum" at least one room/day, and all I have to do it clean the Roomba out when its finished so its ready for next time!  Its one less thing for me to get overwhelmed about during the next 2 months.

Day 6 of Captivity

Again, apologies for not blogging.  I thought I would have more time for that come winter, but apparently that is not the case.  

My employer has graciously allowed me to work 4 days/week, 10 hrs/day, so that I can take Fridays off to study for the bar.  Sometimes I get some studying in, sometimes I have errands to run.  Nothing gets done Mon-Thurs because of my work schedule, so by Friday there are a number of things that have piled up.

On top of that, I have this perpetual loop in my head about studying for the bar.  It goes something like, "I shouldn't be posting on the blog, I should be studying."  "I can't clean the house, I have to study."  Its really bad, and I'm constantly looking for ways I can multitask bar study with, oh, anything else.  So far all I've got "walk on treadmill and read outlines," so if you think of anything let me know.

Fortunately, we have had SO MUCH bad weather here that work has been canceled since lat Wednesday!  Hooray!  More study time!  Well, that part actually sucks, because I'd really rather be reading, or practicing music, or baking cookies, or counting my split ends, but instead I have this enormous exam to study for.  Boo.

Also, I'm amending previous snow estimates.  Last night I thought we had gotten about 6-8 in. of snow in the couple of days.  As of this morning I think we actually got about 2 feet.  At least, that's what I just had to shovel from the back steps and walkway.  No joke.  I photos, but they're on Jefe's camera and I'm not sure how to download them.  We've got some pretty massive snow drifts as well, which are REALLY fun for the dogs to navigate through.  From behind, Tick looks like a rabbit the way he hops through the deep snow.  Goose just gets stuck, then looks at you and barks.

Back to studying...